- Ms.|PANIK  -

Vira Jenifer Danyk

-Soul Full Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller

Originally from the Village of Skidegate on the beautiful and remote island archipelago of Haida Gwaii on the Wild West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. 

Loop Poet & FolkHopSoul Pioneer 

Ms.|PANIK has a unique & eclectic musical style influenced by her insatiable love for music + west coast life + ancient cultural wisdom + spirituality + consciousness &  the utter inescapable emotionality of a human being on earth seeking truth & purpose.

“If eyes are the windows to the soul, then music is the key that unlocks the door.” -MPD

Music is her healing & her art.

MPD ( Miss Panik Danyk) 

combines her personal truth + universal wisdom + socio-politics + philosophy & life experience into: loop poetry + soul~full vocal harmonies with spoken word + conscious hip-hop influenced verses, and layered guitar melodies. 

She openly shares her life experience & philosophy = which is the heart + soul + vulnerability + healing creativity that is represented in her musical art and performance.

MPD embodies her own unique essence, soul & sound on stage. 

Acoustic guitar and spectacular soul vocals are fused together for intimate acoustic performances. 

Loop pedal driven; hip hop, folk rock & soul influenced live production on stage - combines looped rhythms w/ sampled & live percussion + layered guitar + melodic harmonies & poetic verses that burst forth in powerful emotionally engaging performances - very often freestyle & tailored unique for the energy of each audience. 

"I aim to inspire others to pursue their passions, personal truths, and to cultivate a sense of community united through musical medicine = Remembering to honour ourselves on this journey of life. We CAN come together to protect the people we love on the planet we share."


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" I've always had a REALLY BIG personality, and a lot of passion - that can be really intimidating for many. I'm outspoken, intelligent, and generally fearless when it comes to speaking my truth, which I continue to do despite the adversity I've often faced. 

Panik Danyk, was a childhood nickname given to me by my aunt. I think it was mocking my inability to conform, I wasn't quite like the other kids, and  I have always been outspoken, I'm grateful that I have always been confident enough to speak up, challenge my own perceptions and the systems that exist around me... I have never just accepted what I am told... however, I am a rebel WITH a cause. 

Let's just say I have a gift that allows others to feel* through my language, poetry and music and  what they might unaware of  otherwise choose to avoid exploring. 

Not everyone is taught how to be open and honour  honesty and the courage it take to be vulnerable and share the wisdoms we gain through struggle and experience- some people just panic when their world views are challenged! I want them to PANIK instead!

"Miss Panik Danyk" is a humble reminder of my challenging past - and the work it took to cultivate confidence and self-esteem, it's a reminder to not sweat the little things, to be authentic and to freak-out about what's most important.

Communication is an art, and our dominant culture denies us the tools to communicate emotions in a healthy way. I have had to learn the skill to be authentic and truly communicate - to accurately articulate what I am expressing so that others can actually absorb my philosophy.

 "My first word was AMBULANCE, for the past 10 years I've been a volunteer at large music festivals & event as a emergency medical responder.

 PANIK DANYK  -  just kinda stuck! "


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"I've always been and emotional person, and music is deeply gave me piece of mind & taught me how to release in a positive way. Music has no judgement about being 'over-emotional.' We all have emotions, good or bad...FEEL THAT SH*T and learn to respond to emotion, rather than react." ~MPD


is both a message for myself and for those who are feeling the a shift in consciousness, as loving reminder; or even a call to action. "

"I want take responsibility to be part of a healing movement, I want to  awaken my own heart and inspire others through the music I create."




Ms.|PANIK has an eclectic taste all blended into her own unique style.

She has had a voracious musical appetite that fuelled her interest from an early age.

"I'm completely self-taught in what I do. Music is my jam, my outlet for creative expression, it took me this long to realize I've been working my whole life to get here!"

She picked up a guitar to accompany her own vocal in 2006, and has self taught from there. In 2014, she bought a BOSS- RC 300 and the foray into production began. She has an extensive library of her own acoustic music, and is working toward an album that combines her traditional cultural beliefs and spiritual aspects merging them into beautiful vocal melodies, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul & EDM influenced tracks.

He latest release the "OPEN HEARTS EP'" is her first foray into taking her live-crafted productions into the studio. 

She credits every live performance she has experienced to date.. and all the beautiful humans that have encouraged her along the path to pursue her dreams. She has been inspired by her past to honour the 'wealth' of wisdom that self-study toward personal growth has taught her - with elements of the pop music of the late 80's & 90's she was raised on + her big brothers' grunge and rock mix tapes + her mothers' collection of blues, soul, folk & alternative music to her inspiration as a singer & musician,


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Two feet & a Heart Beat Walking The Path, I Hope That Mine With Intertwine With Yours Soon, And We Can Let Our Souls Bloom”


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"As far as genre's go: I like to call it FolkHopSoul & Loop Poetry....but then live production and collaboration take you all over the map!"”


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Ms.|PANIK is an active participant in the protection of the natural world and the sacred biodiversity of our planet, She holds herself accountable & responsible for helping to preserve wealth and abundance for future generations. She is a  rainbow warrior, ancient wisdom protector, a voice for social & environmental justice, a student of the sacred, and a companion for those who also seek healing & wisdom along their path.

"My music is my healing & my art and I will actively use my voice to speak up and acknowledge important issues."


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"I AM  





Haida named



"Wealthy Lady"

Ms.|PANIK was given this name by her mother of the same name.

"it was my mother's choice to create a new tradition. Our name will live on - passed to the oldest daughters - she added a  contemporary twist to the traditional practice of naming. "

The Haida had an ancient complex cultural and hereditary tradition, with wisdoms that reaches back for millennia. The tradition was an economic system developed to promote and maintain peace & abundance - a blueprint to co-exist with other nations and the natural/spirit worlds.

Using the gifts of the natural environment, the Haida people created an economic system of trade and gifting. This was a system where the high status families gave their wealth away at Potlatch Ceremonies to all those who would attend and bear witness to the important events, ceremonies, and celebrations of abundance. The monetary system of her ancestors - is one vastly distinct from the current systems in place today:

"The wealth was  within our lineal & intergenerational cultural wisdoms combined with the abundance of the healthy natural environments. It was in our connection to our lands. It was in the rich traditions,  the stories & ceremonies - which are interwoven into our ancestral lineage & the practices cultivated and refined over thousands of years. Those practices live on within us. It is our responsibility to pass that on to future generations - it is our responsibility to protect what is sacred to the people.

That is our wealth."


She has a  deep reverence & respect for the wisdom of her Haida Ancestors  - along with the First Nations  & Indigenous cultures of Mother Earth and the sacred laws of the Universe. She was raised surrounded by her first loves = the Pacific Ocean and Northwest Coastal Rainforest -  she has  an intrinsic bond & absolute respect for the natural world.

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"My music developed into a positive outlet for the pain & trauma of my childhood, and then became the greatest tool to help to HEAL myself and through that... I want help to heal others. " 


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