- Ms.|PANIK  -






A.K.A = MPD = SoulFull Melody Maker, Singer-Songwriter, Storyteller and Artist.

Calling Tofino, and the ancestral lands of the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation home base; where she is a guest on their unceded territory -"MPD" is originally from the Unceded Territory of the Xaayda (HAIDA) Nation and member of the southern  K̲aayahl 'Laanaas Clan lead by Hereditary Chief Gaahlaay ~Lonnie Young. 


 Her Loop Pedal Driven;

Hip-Hop, Folk Rock & NeoSoul influenced loop productions ::: combine looped rhythms w/ sampled & live percussion + layered guitar creating energetic upbeat tracks as well as ethereal  harmonies. Her poetic verses burst forth in soulfull~ emotionally engaging performances - very often improvised freestyle tailored uniquely for the energy of each audience. 

Ms.|PANIK's 3-Track "OPEN HEARTS RELEASE" is her debut single release. It was recorded with Grammy Award Winning Engineer and Producer, Spencer "SpendsQuality" Williams, at Cedarsong Sound Studios in Nevada City California.

"OPEN HEARTS" was MPD's first foray into translating her loop pedal driven productions into the Studio.

"We cut three tracks in 12 hours -  I wanted a little snapshot of my art to share with people. I thought these three songs would be a foundation to build from."


Bearing her soul; she shares her perspective in the three tracks the debut of which is called, "PRAXIS" followed by "PRAYERS" and "OPEN HEARTS." 

"Each Track is a Story; a snapshot into my reality." - MPD

"PRAXIS" was inspired by a book I found in a tiny library outside the Common Loaf Bakery in Tofino, BC. The book was a guide to community development rooted in feminism. The meaning of the word praxis was woven with my personal experience; my community and our mutual successes. "PRAYERS" represents my a piece on my cultural and spiritual beliefs and "OPEN HEARTS" is my call to action, for people to come together to cultivate some mutual success based on honouring self and learning to honour one another. " -MPD

"I aim to inspire others to pursue their passions, personal truths, and to cultivate a sense of community united through musical medicine = Remembering to honour ourselves on this journey of life. ~We CAN come together to protect the people we love on the planet we share."





"Wherever you go; there you are. Human beings are emotionally driven; music is deeply gave me the peace-of-mind & taught me how to release energy in a positive way. Music has no judgment about being "over-emotional." We all have emotions, good or bad...FEEL THAT SH*T - and learn to respond to emotion, rather than react." ~MPD



Ms.|PANIK's musical style is influenced deeply spiritual and political. Inspired by ancient wisdom + sound::frequency:: vibration + remote west coast life  + spirituality + consciousness + the emotionality of the human experience on her journey seeking truth & purpose. 

Music is her healing & her art. 

"I'm completely self-taught in what I do, but I am now reaching out to learn and absorb as much as I can to be the best version of myself and present my art to the world. Music is my jam, my outlet for creative expression, it took me this long to realize I've been working my whole life to get here." - MPD


"My music developed into a positive outlet for the pain & trauma of my childhood, and then became the greatest tool to help to HEAL myself and through that... I want to share my vulnerability and experiences to help to heal and inspire others." 







Originally raised in the Village of Skidegate and fed by the abundance & beauty of the remote island archipelago of Haida Gwaii - Islands of the People on the edge of Wild West Coast of what is now called British Columbia, Canada.




 "Wealthy Lady"

Ms.|PANIK was given this name by her mother of the same name.

"It was my mother's choice to create a new tradition. Our name will live on - passed to the oldest daughters - she added a  contemporary twist to the traditional practice of naming. The Haida follow a matrilineal culture; the women were the highest authorities and we follow our mother's lineage."


The Haida followed a strict Matrilineal System of Kinship passed on through the FEMALE LINEAGE. Women are the wisdom keepers and the bringers new life.

"I carry the wisdom of every female ancestor that has come before me in my DNA. " -MPD

The Xaayda (Haida) had an ancient complex cultural and hereditary tradition, and system of law. That wisdom reaches back for millennia - or time immemorial.  While the Haida were known to be fierce warriors who traveled vast distances and battled with many rival nations, the Haida People mastered the use of the gifts provided by the natural environment.

The ancient Xaayda (Haida) people created an economic system of abundance; a social economy based on trade and gifting. Part of this economic system meant high-status families gave their wealth away at Potlatch Ceremonies to all those who would attend and bear witness to the important events, ceremonies, and celebrations - and pass the stories on in our oral traditions. The economic system of her ancient ancestors - is one vastly distinct from the current  capitalist monetary systems in place today:

Today the due to the colonial impacts, smallpox and residential schools, the Haida Language is at risk with only 24 fluent speakers left - however the resilience of the Xaayda (Haida) People has preserved our cultural identities and hereditary wisdom and traditional artistic practices of song, dance, storytelling, weaving and territorial stewardship strong and vibrant into to this present day - protected and preserved for all future generations.

"The wealth is within our lineal & intergenerational cultural wisdom combined with the abundance of the healthy natural environments. It is in our connection to our lands. It is in the rich traditions,  the stories & ceremonies - which are interwoven into our ancestral lineage & the practices cultivated and refined over thousands of years. Those practices live on within us. It is our responsibility to pass that on to future generations - it is our responsibility to protect what is sacred to the people. That is our wealth." - MPD

She has deep-rooted reverence & respect for the cultural and lineal wisdom of her Haida Ancestors  - along with Indigenous Nations of Mother Earth and the sacred laws of the Universe.